3rd Annual Northwest Winterfest

Join us! 3rd Northwest Winterfest hosted by The Family Guide!

Northwest Winterfests’ Celebration of the Holidays is a festival like no other.
Join us on an inspiring journey that features the joyous holiday traditions as celebrated by cultural organizations near and far.

• Winter Wonderland of “Holiday Themed” Chinese Lanterns.
Chinese Lantern’s history originates from the Han Dynasty (202BC-8AD), with the purpose of making an opportunity for family reunion and marking the end of Lunar Chinese New Year. With a history of more than 1800 years, the workmanship of Chinese lantern is a perfect combination of Chinese painting, paper-cutting, paper arts, embroidery, sewing, as well as the lighting function.

• Cultural Holiday Village
Enjoy the wondrous sights, sounds, and flavors of the season with storytelling & musical productions, seasonal food & beverage specialties, and take a festive global tour as local organizations share traditions from their respective countries and more. This is a great opportunity to collect fun ideas for celebrating your own holidays.

• Hand-painted Christmas Trees & Auction
The Chinese Lantern Festival is a day to celebrate and welcome the New Year and is thought to scare away the Nian monster and bring good luck.

In ancient China, Lantern Festivals participants competed each year to produce the most impressive lantern. Northwest Winterfest is inviting local artists to be a part of this tradition.

This year’s Hand-painted Christmas Tree theme is honoring the cultural organizations represented during the event. Each cultural group will be paired with an artist who will capture their heritage and how the holidays are celebrated in their homeland. It is a unique opportunity to learn more about the world in which we live showcased by the artist’s talent & imagination.

For more information: Charity@thefamilyguide.org