4th Back to School Supply Drive!

Thank You Staples, Windermere Foundation, Innovia Foundation, P1FCU and to the following individuals who donated to purchase Headphones & School Supplies for this Virtual/Hybrid School Year!

Ryan Douse, Kiantha Duncan, Wendi Helmick, Margaret Boyd, Athena George, Carlos Francisco, Alison Poulsen, Lannie MacAndrea, Juana Luisa Esquibel, Penny Soder Garcia, Dean Lynch, Kelsey Cross, Sheila Evans, Joe & Reese McHolford, Jennifer Calvert, Mercedes Nicole Roberson, Katie Dunsmoor- Langley, TE Jones, Ileia Carolyn Perry, and Andreda Todd.

With Covid-19 being a gamechanger disrupting all forms of normalcy resulting in most schools going virtual for the 2020 -2021 school year.
Whether your kids are doing 100% at-home learning this year, or a hybrid of remote and in-school instruction, it’s going to be rough keeping kids to stay focused during virtual learning.
Virtual learning is tough on both parents and children. Even in school districts with internet access and virtual learning plans in place, parents and students have to contend with issues such as lack of motivation, distraction, feeling isolated due to lack of in-person interaction and not seeing friends, and the ever-present anxiety that comes with not knowing when things will go back to something at least sort of reminiscent of normal. Many parents are also teleworking in addition to assisting their child/children with virtual learning.
Headphones is a great tool to have for students to stay focused, especially if they don’t have a quiet place to do schoolwork — or just gets distracted easily.
In addition to donating school supplies, Staples and The Family Guide is taking on the challenge to provide headphones for the students in the Free & Reduced Meal Program in N. Idaho, Spokane & Spokane Valley School Districts.